Unfortunately, the project has been suspended due to the termination of funding.
English Available to 15% of the world's population Eng Русский Доступно для 390млн людей RUS
Do you know yourself?
Be sure it is not so.
Just 12 minutes
and 80 questions later...
...you will discover yourself!
A lot of information and there will be more.
You will discover the strong and weak sides of yourself
Sometimes they are well-hidden
Find your calling
Receive the recommendations for the selection or substitute of the occupation and/or hobby
New functions and reports
We are constantly in the mode of researching something new, refreshing the project and improving the interpretations. The results of our work will be available to you once you complete the test.
You will receive after passing the fundamental test and obtaining a psychological profile.
Compare yourself with friends
How congruent you are with your environment
Improvement Map
Leveling up your weaknesses identified during testing
According to your psychological portrait, we will select various content for you, recommend films, games, books and much more.
We select events and activities
that will definitely not leave you indifferent
Psychological state tracking
To track changes and refine recommendations in dynamics
And much more
Keep in touch!
Learn about Calipso news, updates, and new researches.
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