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Detection of psychological defense
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the results may not coincide with the real expectations and may upset some.

The human psyche is equipped with mechanisms that help us instinctively protect our own self.

Applying them helps making our experience less traumatic, but at the same time reduces our chances of successful interaction with reality. Each of us applies about five of such strategies every day.

In this test you will find a number of statements about certain behaviors and attitudes. You can agree with them or disagree. There are no right or wrong answers, since everyone has the right for their own point of view. Answer what you think is right for you.

Please pay attention to the following:

Do not think about which answer could create the best impression of yourself and answer as you think is the most preferable. We do not know what are your answers, as the processing of the results is fully automatic.

Do not think over the sentences for a long time. Choosing the answer, select the one that came up first in mind.

Some statements may not be quite applicable to you. Despite this, choose one of the answers, that suits you the most.

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