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Mon April 6th, 2020

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Wellness can be predicted
Well-being is an important facet of human experience, withinfluence upon all aspects of human life.
Thu April 2nd, 2020

Did you know that our mental wellness can be predicted?

The recent study that has been conducted in Iran shows that it may be possible with the use of Calipso methodology. One research featured over 356 participants and it indicated that the more extraverted you are the better your psychological well-being is. Also, if you are quite an honest person scoring on the respective subscale in Calipso, it will also indicate your good psychological health. Do not believe these results? Try it yourself!

Games we prefered
Strategies and psychological which trends manifest themselves in our behavior throughout life
Fri March 20th, 2020

Do you know that the games that we prefer in childhood very accurately show the strategies and psychological trends that manifest themselves in our behavior throughout life?

How is that possible? Calipso’s comprehensive personality testing system has an answer.

Have you always liked games where you need to look for or achieve something? You are clearly a sensitive and emotional person. Whereas, if you prefer role-playing games to gambling rivalry with other players, then your emotionality is very high and you can think about how to better control your emotions. Cruel games negatively affect people with high scores on the Sensitivity and Emotionality scales.

If you prefer exciting games that are socialized and contain competition (for instance, a 3D shooter will be much preferable for you than solitaire), then you are a bright extrovert, love interacting with others. Extraversion is higher for those who prefer role-playing games to those where a person competes with others.

If our test showed a high score on the Honesty scale, then you are more likely to interact with people, which is built on the model of games, where you need to solve problems and problems, manage processes. Interactions where the goal is to receive strong emotions is not your cup of tea.

People with high Openness to Experience (curiosity and desire to explore) prefer games and interactions that satisfy their curiosity than those that allow you to communicate or compete with other players.

Take the Calipso test to understand the true value of your personality and get a complete map of your psychological characteristics.

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